Welcome to Intersection Journal Capturing the Resilience of North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming

Intersection Journal is an online magazine dedicated to capturing the culture, industry and way of life in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming through photography.  Optimized for the mobile generation, we celebrate living, working in and exploring these incredible states.

Intersection Journal’s focus is visual content.  We love long-form photojournalism and develop our stories over days, weeks or months instead of hours.  We cultivate depth rather than immediacy.

This allows us to feature stories that speak to our heritage, challenge our perspective and reveal new truths.

The mission of Intersection Journal is to document and create community.  We dedicate our stories to you.

Just like the states we capture, we will continually build and evolve.  Our commitment to you as a mobile-minded reader is that we will always evaluate how best to deliver profound, compelling content.  We aren’t afraid to adapt and make changes, ensuring that you get the authentic Dakota, Montana or Wyoming experience.

How exciting and inspiring to live in this place.

For more information about our epic relaunch and the 5 photographers that will be leading this new adventure, click here, it’s go-time